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Monthly Mix

The only FREE online platform to learn mixing!

Join Monthly Mix now for free and get instant access to professional multi-tracks for a new song every month. There's no better way to learn to mix than by going hands on with multi-tracks from professional bands, artists, and musicians and there's no where else you're going to get this kind of access, completely free

How does it work?

It's simple. Every month you'll get access to the raw multi-tracks for a new song from a professional band, artist, or musician. You'll mix the song yourself and submit it for a chance to win prizes from our sponsors. You'll also have access to our Discord community where you'll be able to post your mix for personalized feedback and advice as well as engage with other audio mixing enthusiasts and musicians on a wide range of topics.

Mix Competition (Win Prizes!)

After you've completed your mix for the moth, you have the opportunity to submit to to the mix competition. After the submission deadline, all entries will be available in an anonymous poll where the top voted entry will receive prizes from our sponsors!

Live Mix Dissection

During our live mix dissections, you'll see a complete walkthrough of how a professional mix engineer mixed a song, from start to finish. There's no better way to learn new mixing tips, tricks, and techniques than by watching a pro explain them an how they utilized them in a mix.

Is it really free?

Yes! I believe everyone should have access to professional materials that help them learn the art of mixing. It's that simple. No catch.

Our Current Sponsors (Thank you!)

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